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Denzel - Founder & Wood Designer

Our Mission

Thys Wood Design is a small business that designs and manufactures jewellery, accessories and home decor made from wood. It is close to our hearts that our products emphasise the uniqueness of each person and the individuality of their character. Each piece is made with love and care and can even be personalised on request. 

About Denzel

Denzel is a wood designer from South Africa and lives with his small family in Ammerbuch, Baden-Württemberg. His appreciation of nature and love of all things wood were passed on to him by his mother at a young age. His father, a painter by trade, introduced him to craftsmanship. He spent most of his school holidays with his father on the job and learned the importance of paying attention to details and always striving for the best in every piece of work.  

Every person is unique – just like the wood we're working with.
With loving devotion we try to bring out its beauty and the potential of the material to the fullest. For me, this is an image for our individual life journey. That is what we want to express with our designs

How it all began: A True Love Story

The history of Thys Wood Design stands on probably the most solid and beautiful foundation imaginable: love. And not only the love for wood as a material and design but also the love of two people for each other – and beyond. 

When Sarah and Denzel met in South Africa in 2017, it was clear to both of them pretty quickly: we belonged together. What was also clear instantly was that both the engagement ring and the wedding rings had to be made of wood. A unique and diverse material that Denzel has felt connected to since childhood. He has turned this passion into his craft and has always expressed it in the form of handmade gifts for family and friends, or simply practical and beautiful things for everyday life.

The love of two people and its seal was the final starting point for offering the designs, which had previously been produced on a small scale, to a larger audience – with great success! Because whether it's wooden bow ties, which were used for the first time at their wedding by the groomsmen, or wall clocks, which already adorn numerous homes: 

With the unique objects by Thys Wood Design, you not only get an extra portion of cosiness and individuality, but also become a part of this remarkable story. 

In addition to his company, also his small family has grown steadily since then: Sarah and Denzel Thys are now the proud parents of two children, who show early on that the talent for working with wood must run in the genes of this family.

Our Workshop


Do good: Being a role model and supporter


With his unique pieces, Denzel aims beyond bringing happiness to their owners: He also goes one step further and wants to give back to others. A part of all sales goes to Hidden Falls Youth Empowerment, a non-profit youth organisation in South Africa that he founded himself. This organisation helps children and young people to build a stable foundation for their own future. They can learn craft skills with which they can later provide for their own living and that of their families. A real heartfelt project. 

"The holistic approach of Thys Wood Design makes each of the design objects something very special: 

In each piece there is not only a part of the beautiful brand history, but also a piece of the future for young and talented people in South Africa."


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