Our Story


My name is Denzel and I’m a Wood Designer from South Africa, living with my small family in Ammerbuch (Baden-Württemberg). I inherited the love of wood from my mum who taught us from a young age to appreciate nature’s beauty. Working full time with wood happened to me in a very unexpected way. In 2017 my then-future wife asked me to make a wooden engagement ring for her. That’s how this journey began which lead to me starting a one-man-business.

What I dream of:

Sharing the beauty with others

The fact that every piece of wood is different, is for me a symbol of the uniqueness of every person. You've got to work on the wood to bring out its beauty and potential. Again a picture of how our individual life journeys are. We try to capture these aspects in our designs which you can now own.

Being an example and support to young people in South Africa

It has been a long-standing desire of mine to make a living by doing what I love to do. Now that I have taken this risk I want to support likeminded young people to do the same.